About Us without Us

So, it’s time to tell the story of how it actually went down. Everything started 14 years ago with weird phone calls at the Komplot advertising agency. The phone would not stop ringing and voices from the headphones kept asking: “Hello, did we reach Compote (Kompot)?” It was an age of errors and a time when compotes were available only to be consumed with your Sunday roast. Was it all a coincidence? We doubt that.

Every day might not be good, but there is something good in everyday. Keeping in line with the saying, we took the distorted Komplot and created Kompot (Compote), and the brand making witty T-shirts finally saw the light of day. Armed with the first 300 pieces of printed T-shirts packed in mason jars, we got into a van and off we went to sell them at the Hodokvas music festival. The tees sold out as hotcakes and an hour later there was nothing left. That was the beginning of our small shop with timeless T-shirts that was originally located in solidarity with the agency at Panenská Street. When we grew up a bit, opened the e-shop and at last were big enough to venture into the town on our own, we took the chance… And we stayed – at Laurinská Street, where you can still find us.

Do not hesitate and come in! Open your Compote full of humor, irony and quality Slovak design from our well known authors.

Pick a piece to your taste and if you cannot get enough, check out our Facebook and Instagram.