Kristína Tormová

When Koláčová starts to feel fed up with herself (ie when she starts feeling too stripy), things start to happen. Meaning new things, things that are not only stripy anymore. This gives the author the chance to get back to her original name: Kristína Tormová (which actually is not that original as Mr Farkaš could confirm).

The beloved and sarcastically worn stripy pieces will get a new sub-brand by Kristína Tormová called "pekne krásne" (nicely beautiful). Non-stripy, girly, lady-like, fits all, joyful and cheekily naive. A brand that performs miracles, a brand that will never let you feel alone again. It will make you feel good in your own skin and at the same time completely yourself.

And so as of now, Kristína Tormová has two brands. But that is how she does things. She always does two things at the same time (the two most important things are five years old already).