Bobo – Animal collection from Koláčová

16. December 2016

“Dad, could you draw some funny looking animals?” Koláčová asked her dad Bobo Boris Farkaš, because Bobo is not known only for his voice, but also for his pictures. He likes to draw a lot and does it well. His creations have been awarded in many cartoon drawing contests and finally you will be able to appreciate them too. At last, we present T-shirts for kiddos, ladies or gentlemen, and even girls’ dresses with Bobo’s animal prints all over. And all that in this season’s trending colors!
The new collection from Koláčová is for everybody and anybody who has that special someone they want to match with. Families or not, neighbors, friends, lovers, everybody and whoever. Of course, if you get just one T-shirts or dress, you will not match with anybody, which might be what you really want.
Koláčová especially likes the bewildered bunny. Which one is your fave?