Dorota Nvotová: Hiking is a form of meditation

04. September 2018

At Kompot we live for hiking. That is why we have interviewed interesting people who enjoy hikes,
nature and movement for you. We would like to present the first hiking interview with Dorota Nvotová, a one of a kind Slovak

Why do you like hiking?
It clears my head, my feet do the walking and there is nothing else for me to do just think.

Do you prefer to hike by yourself or with somebody?
I prefer to hike by myself but that just does not happen. I am doomed to always hike with
somebody, even more so ever since I had a child :)

Are you an easy-going or a sporty hiker?
I definitely dislike sports. Hiking is a form of meditation. But of course, I love motorsports :)

Have you ever come up with a fundamental idea that would “change your life” on a hike?
Probably not but I have come up with a few good lyrics for my songs.

What are some of your favorite places? Share your favorite hiking trails.
In Slovakia it would be Vysoké Tatry and staying at those mountain huts located at higher altitudes.
In Nepal it would definitely be around Annapurna.

What are you busy with at the moment?
Currently I am finally finishing my book Fulmaya 2. At the same time, I am wrapping up my new
record – it will all come out in winter. And I am also trying to establish my little hotel at Maldives.

We would like to thank Dorota Nvotová for the interview and we wish her lots of enjoyable and
safe kilometers on her hikes.

In the pictures Dorota is wearing our Yellow trail marker hiking T-shirt.