Ide mi iba o lóve

29. October 2018

A proper anniversary! For 20 years, Hodina deťom (Hour for Kids – charity collection initiative that finances projects for kids and young people) has been helping those who truly need it. Kompot joined in too in our typically enthusiastic manner.

Hodina deťom Hodina deťom is twenty, adult and really amazing. And this year, it (somehow) turned out slightly differently than you were used to. Those whom it helps, those whom you are helping, are not twenty yet. They are much younger. They are kids who are unable to help themselves. That is why we have joined the Hodina deťom initiative. We will gladly help the kids who really need a hand. We will not offer just an hour, we will dedicate many more hours of our time so that you can buy some special T-shirts. All you need to do is click away (or clink, clack or chink but that won’t help you much) and you will help the most vulnerable. It is very simple: buy a T-shirt.

Wearing this well-fitting T-shirt will make you look beautiful while being helpful. The proceeds of each purchase will be donated to the Hodina deťom initiative and that will leave you feeling good because of having helped somebody for the next million years. Maybe the kid you have helped will help you when you are old, he or she will get you some mashed food, patiently read the newspaper to you or offer you a seat on a bus. Let us hope that the kids who need help now will grow up into amazing adults who will one day also help those that need it.

This year we will not be picking up the phones for you to donate. This year you will pick up the phone when the courier rings. Because you have donated. And on top of that you will look great. You do it for love.

Text: Kristína Tormová (The author of the text DID NOT design the T-shirts)

You must be curious about the amount that gets donated, right? The whole profit from the selling price of the T-shirt will be donated to the Hodina deťom collection. We will disclose the final sum collected after the end of each calendar month and after balancing the sales. The sum collected over November will be made public on our social media at the beginning of December. And it will be the same every upcoming month. Thank you for donating to the Hodina deťom initiative.