Jakub Ptačin: Somebody needs to attend six brainstorming meetings, but I just run to the top of a hill

21. September 2018

At Kompót we live to hike. That is why we have interviewed interesting people who like hiking, and nature, people who like to move.

We would like to present our fourth hiking interview. We talked with the designer, speaker, former drummer and occasional stand-up comedian Jakub Ptačin.

Why do you like hiking? What does hiking mean to you?
To balance out all the sitting behind a computer, it is the ultimate form of relaxation and most importantly it brings me peace. My mind works best when I am walking. But now I have to learn to stop thinking when I walk.

Do you prefer to hike alone or with somebody?
I hike both ways – but I seek mountains because of the quiet. I have a friend who is unable to stop talking and the only way I can shut him up, or at least turn down the volume, is by walking faster or slower than him. Usually I hike slightly faster.

Are you an easy-going or sporty hiker?
The easy-going types probably find me sporty. The sporty types must find me way too easy-going.

Have you ever come up with a fundamental idea that would “change your life” on a hike?
I get almost all my ideas when hiking. I use hiking as a work tool. Somebody needs to attend six brainstorming meetings, but I just run to the top of a hill.

Where do you prefer to hike? Share some tips for your favorite trail.
Sivý Vrch and Choč definitely have the best price/performance ratio. Both are at Orava, which is a great place in terms of quality and attractiveness. Both are also close to Liptov and they offer breathtaking views. If you want to find more interesting places in the Slovak Scandinavia, have a look at our webpage www.naoravedobre.sk or our hashtag #naoravedobre.

What is your favorite food to take on a hike?
It used to be Májka (pâté) and bread rolls. I replaced Májku with Lunter (vegetarian spread). I also always take Indiánky (biscuits), I just love them. I would marry one if I could.
We thank Jakub Ptačin for the interview and wish him many nice and safe kilometers on hikes.

Jakub is wearing our Tourist T-Shirt Červená značka.