Samo Trnka: It is good to have buddies who can help on a longer hike

07. September 2018

We live for hiking in Kompot. That is why we have interviewed interesting people who enjoy hikes,
nature and movement for you.

We would like to present our second hiking interview, this time with Samo Trnka, a multifaceted
humorist, screenwriter, comic and aquarist.

Why do you like hiking? What does hiking mean to you?
I started to enjoy hiking after I stopped being a fat ass and stopped sweating like a pig. So now I
actually finally enjoy hikes where I do sweat like a pig.
It is an opportunity to work out and it is nice to take a rest while feeling satisfied with your own
performance after finally reaching your destination.

Do you prefer to hike by yourself or with somebody?
When I want to work out, I prefer to go by myself because it drives me crazy when somebody
cannot keep up with me or the opposite, when I cannot keep up with somebody. But I do also enjoy
hiking with somebody because beautiful moments are better when shared. What is more, it is better
to have buddies who are able to help when things turn sour on a long hike.

Are you an easy-going or a sporty hiker?
I would love to say that I am easy-going but to be honest I am the restless one who hurries the
whole family. Especially when I see my daughter’s slow pace and hear her comment everything:
she does not feel like doing it, it is uphill, she is hungry, sweaty and her feet hurt. When I was her
age I felt the same. However, knowing this does not make it in any way easier to not let it drive me
completely crazy.

Have you ever come up with a fundamental idea that would “change your life” on a hike?
Generally I do not get any ideas when I hike, on the contrary I am grateful that my head is not
buzzing and I can turn it off for a bit. I usually come up with ideas after the hike, when we get
down. My brain is rested and thankful that it has more interesting impulses than soil, grass, trees
and sweaty armpits.

Where do you prefer to go? Share some tips for your favorite hike.
I have not been hiking for that long, I do not have any special favorite places yet. I like to run up to
Kamzík in the mornings for cardio and then I “look for” my way back to keep it interesting. The
good thing about Kamzík is that there is catering up there. I believe that every proper hill or
mountain should have that.

What is your favorite food to take on a hike?
My favorite food to take on hikes is rum, nothing can measure up, the second best is sausage. I love
it even without going hiking but after I had walked some I can justify it better.

We thank Samo for the interview and wish him good luck with all his current stand-up and comedy
projects ( Pančlajn , Na facku, Skúška sirén and Dobre vedieť ).

In the picture Samo is wearing our Red trail marker hiking T-shirt.

Photo by Dáša Šimeková.