Tomáš Ulej: Hiking is like an escape to a completely different universe

14. September 2018

We live for hiking in Kompót. That is why we have interviewed interesting people who enjoy hikes,
nature and movement for you.

We would like to present our third hiking interview. We talked to Tomáš Ulej, an aphorist, journalist
and writer.

Why do you like hiking? What does hiking mean to you?
Ever since I moved from village to town, hiking became something like an escape to a completely
different universe.

Do you prefer to hike by yourself or with somebody?
I like to hike alone. I can go at my own pace and be quiet, I am not good at that when I am with
other people.

Are you an easy-going or a sporty hiker?
For the past year or two I have not hiked that much, for me mountains are mostly for running
nowadays. But luckily I am not that fit so I have to take a lot of breaks and pretend that I am
enjoying the scenery or taking pictures :-)

Have you ever come up with a fundamental idea that would “change your life” on a hike?
For me, movement and thinking do not go well together, the only two thoughts I can manage are:
what hurts and when will we get there.

Where do you prefer to go? Share some tips for your favorite hikes.
My favorite mountain ridge is the one in Veľká Fatra – from Jasenská dolina through Borišov to
Harmanec. Ostrá would probably be my favorite mountain, also in Veľka Fatra, because I used to
stare at it through the window my whole childhood and it was the first mountain I ever climbed.

What is your favorite food to take on hikes?
Whatever warm meal I can get at a mountain hut, everything there tastes better than in a Michelin

What are you busy with at the moment?
I have just published my third book of aphorisms and epigrams - Žuvot (it’s a pun, don’t sweat it), I
am pretty curious to see if you like it too.

We would like to thank Tomáš Ulej for the interview and wish him lots of enjoyable and safe
kilometers on his hikes.

In the picture Tomáš is wearing our Red trail marker hiking T-shirt.