Canvas Tote Bag ČeskosLOVEnsko 10 Kčs (Natural)


Author: Peter Hajdin
Brand: Kompot

Money and love, two seemingly unrelated things, the opposite sides of this crazy thing called life.

If the two were not deeply intertwined, they would be forever forced to exist as two opposing antagonists in the battle of good and evil, night and day, chalk and cheese. Like Czechs and Slovaks, Slovaks and Czechs. Like a hardworking farmer and the lazy vermin called intelligentsia. Like cotton and print, white and green, like love and money and envious looks from passersby.

Buy a tote you will love, or love the money that will get you this bag. Because if you do not love money you are forever doomed to be the opposite: disgusted by poverty.

The original artwork on banknotes by M. Medvecká a L. Jirka. We salute their amazing craftsmanship.

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