Bublina 2

All kids love bubbles. Bubble-gum bubbles, soap bubbles or comic book bubbles. Bubbles fly and bring joy. Bubbles can be friends and help explore the world. Bubbles are fun and entertain kids.
Bubble is a new magazine for kids full of goodness. Aimed at kids between 6 to 10 years of age. It brings current topics for kids to explore and get inspired by. It is full of educational or funny comic strips, activities and games, topics cover music, sports, ecology, science and history. Kids can read it by themselves, with friends, parents or teachers at school.

Contributing authors include Slovak authors: Michal Hvorecký, Samo Marec, Oliver Rehák, Samo Trnka, Tomáš Hudák, Daniel Hevier ml., or Zuzana Lišková and it is illustrated by popular Slovak artists: Barbora Idesová, Ďuro Balogh, Petra Lukovicsová, Mária Kralovič, Michaela Mihalyiová, Matúš Maťatko, Ivana Šáteková, or Broňa Schragge and many others.

The magazine is beautiful, thick, colorful and full of marvel. It is created with love and tastefully. It is supposed to inspire kids to explore, dream and experiment. To put it simply, it brings heaps of lauhter and fun.

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