Bublina 6

The 6th issue of Bublina will take us time travelling. It is all about history and while reading it you can get to know different heroes from our history and learn about their exciting adventures. Believe us, there are more than a few! There are interesting articles about how the Slovak Republic was founded and how it used to look completely different. You will learn that history is full of inspiring women – heroines with interesting jobs. In the travelogue section you can get a glimpse into the notebook of an archeologist working in Egypt and find out whether he managed to discover an ancient treasure! The comic strips Oliho banda (Oli’s group), Samo and Mimo, and the action Mega vysávačská liga (Mega vacuum league) are there too. If a time travelling machine is what you have dreamed about so that you could have a look at the past, then Bublina is just what you need!

Contains a cut-out, stories and various articles, activities and contests and comic strips.

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