Detské body s dlhým rukávom Rady


Author: Kristína Tormová
Brand: Kristína Tormová

Drzé decko "RADY" – Cheeky kid "ADVICE"

Once again, we are honored to present another great piece from the growing “Cheeky kid” collection. We are thrilled to have Koláčová here and hope that this collaboration will make it easy to dress your cheeky kids as they deserve... or as you deserve?

This Onesie was created with mothers in mind, a perfect example of how to use clothing as a means of communication at Sunday family get-togethers. We cannot guarantee that wearing this tee will bring moms some long deserved peace, it could start another grand family argument. But we would at least like to use this space to tell all mothers that they should... actually, maybe we will keep it to ourselves.

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