Author: Kundy Crew
Brand: Kundy Crew

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There are certain professions, which nobody dares to butt in, because nobody, save the professionals, truly understands the works. And then there are those with less luck: like architecture! The glamorous queen of all arts that used to be held in high esteem and deservedly worshipped! What burdens she carries on her shoulders nowadays. How many bitter pills she has to swallow! But - what else can you expect in a country where instead of a sense of style we are bombarded with a frenzy of direct democracy? A country where flocks of elderly ladies and men in tracksuits joyfully vote for a new bright magenta exterior for your newly insulated block of flats at the tenant meeting. Where people decide the color of a bridge over the Danube by voting on the internet (not just anywhere but in the capital city of their own country)? Where even the town of Lučenec shamelessly shows off its sky-scraping sky-line of apartment buildings resembling those found somewhere east of the Ural?

Do not despair, there is still a glimmer of hope! There still are heroes who, despite all the hardships, are set to protect the queen of the arts. Those fighting for her honor, those who keep fighting an unfair daily battle with the demons of bad taste and human stupidity. This T-shirt is a tribute to the heroes of architecture. Yes, it obviously lacks a clear concept and vision. There was no international competition.
And there is no space for greenery!

Another traditional T-shirt from the Kundy Crew radical cross stitching association.


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