Beh je láska Black

Author: Peter Hajdin
Brand: 150BPM

Beh je láska - Love is running

A quality running T-shirt is not a labour of love but science. That is why, when we set off to design this collection, we asked for help from the most knowledgeable – great runners with interesting insights. The fit is tailored for demanding movement – tight where it needs to be and stretchy, where it is not supposed to be tight.

The material is also special. If you do not like synthetic materials (those with a pretty shine that leave you stinking like a wet dog after you have finish running) this T-shirt was meant for you. It is made of natural cotton fibers that are woven unevenly, which ensures that they are able to adjust to the body that wear them. And they are great at wicking off sweat. Because those who run, usually sweat.

• reflective design on the back for safety of runners and non-runners alike
• our own fit tested by recreational runners
• thanks to Siro Slub cotton, the textile boasts singular structure and natural stretchiness
• durable 3D print in three color combinations
• thought up in Slovakia, sewn in Portugal

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