Conifer Red Trail Marker KAMO T-Shirt


Authors: Peter Hajdin, Katarína Balogová
Brands: Kompot, KAMO

kompot balenie 02b346

Pine needles and hiking trail markers fit together as a sausage and bun, as Czech hiker on a alpine trail and sandals, as fog and You at the time you reach the highest point of Lomnický štít. 

That is why we merged iconic T-shirt based on needle-pattern of Czechoslovak army and extremely popular tourist red trail marker.

With this T-shirt you won't get lost in your life. Just remember that whenever you step off the marked trail, thanks to the unmistakable camouflage you'll be easily spotted even in the thickest thicket of Tatra mountains. 

Material: 100% Cotton | 190 g/m2
Cut: Unisex


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