Naše osmičkové

Author: Miša Chmeličková
Brand: Kompot

Naše osmičkové – Years that end in eight

1918, the first republic, Masaryk-Štefánik, what a great joy: half a year later the triumphant return home ends in a free fall, joy turns into tragedy.

II WW, SNP: uprising that springs up as a civil resistance to fascism, ever since 1948 show-case communist propaganda.

1968: spring’s promise of socialism with a human face crushed under the tracks of tanks turns into a long winter of normalization, hope dies together with the sacrifice of Ján Palach.

But the people did not forget: the fall of communism starts with the candle manifestation in March of 1988 in Bratislava, continues with protests during the so called “Palach’s week” and climaxes in November 1989.

The collective exclamation of "LOVE" in the squares goes silent and Slovakia heads into the black hole of the Mečiar years: 1998 brings change and the country turns itself towards Europe.

It is 2018, in Slovakia, a journalist is murdered, and the squares are full once again: we want a decent Slovakia.

The sideways eight symbol reminds one of a roller coaster, life with its ups and downs. It is mystical, with a breath of infinity. The years that end in eight.

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