Authors: Peter Hajdin, Martin Kleibl
Brand: KAMO

kompot balenie 01b47
Concrete blocks of flats: seemingly raw, brutal concrete constructions – and yet so shockingly cosy! They have provided a home for whole generations and still keep going strong, outlasting the demise predicted by ill -wishers.

We wanted to commemorate these iconic constructions with the dignity they deserve: with a T-shirt of course. We are proud to present PaneLove, the first tee from our new product collection “KAMO by Kompot” – the only concrete camo that will let you shine!

Each PaneLove T-shirt is made using the demanding All Over Print. T-shirts are not made out of pre-printed fabric: just the opposite, we printed the balconies over all the seams and hems! This unique printing technology causes interesting graphic imperfections and creates differences between individual pieces. Your tee will be a unique original, nobody can have the same.

And if you only knew how soft it is to touch. That is because we use a special technique called Discharge. In contrast to ordinary printing, the colors do not form thick layers, because the design is applied by using a color-destroying agent, which, conserves the original characteristics of the fabric.

All that effort results in a T-shirt with character; a salute to the brutalist esthetics: constructions seemingly raw, but shockingly comfy. Feel right at home!

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