Psíček a mačička Torta T-Shirt


Author: Josef Čapek
Brands: Kompot, Slovenská národná galéria

kompot balenie 01b89

The story of Doggie and Pussycat continues!

When Doggie and Pussycat baked a cake in a fairy tale, they were throwing anything into it, but we thoughtfully used only the best ingredients to produce our T-shirts: quality T-shirt tailored in Portugal and hand-printed reproduction of Joseph Čapek’s drawing from 1928. The original from the collection of Slovak National Gallery together with other illustrations by Master Čapek can be admired here:
Doggie and Pussycat have taught us a lot about life. Honor their everlasting memory with a T-shirt that you wear with the pride of the Pussycat, the dedication of the Doggie, and help preserve their story for your children, their children's children, and so on… May they live long at least for the next hundred years!

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