Slovenské železnice T-Shirt


Brand: Kompot

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In 1972, Massimo Vignelli branched out of traditional ways of graphic design and created an iconic map of the New York subway, which became a milestone of modernist design. At that time, he had no idea that it would become an inspiration for Čierne diery (Black Holes) and Slovak designer Ondrej Jób with his perfectly refined sense of detail, and they would create the map of Slovak railways that remembers even the forgotten ones.

It needed a wagon full of hard work, but together we managed to get the map of the railways on a T-shirt. From now on, you can be sure that once you sit on the train in the proper tee, you're on the right track, whether you look at it from one side or the other.

Čierne diery (Black Holes)

Slovakia is a country of forgotten industrial monuments. We travel to them. We try to spark an excitement in peolpe for old factories, mines and lost settlements. We are documenting places that may not be seen by future generations. There are dozens of them and they’re disappearing in front of our eyes. We call them “Black Holes”.

We take pictures and write articles for thousands of readers. We create collector graphics with the Risomat risographic printer, in cooperation with dozens of Slovak designers and artists. We publish maps, magazines and books. We donate our profits from selling graphics to help monuments.


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