ST Galaxy Ocre


Author: Collective of authors
Brands: Kompot, Isadore

We have worked with Isadore, the biking brand, before. This time, it was the design elements of the iconic Star trek uniforms that got us inspired. We are overjoyed to introduce our homage and we would like to celebrate the discovery of new worlds.

· Prolonged back, ideal for biking
· Available in two color combinations for gents and one for ladies
· Made out of 100% organic cotton
· Made in Portugal
· Practical fit for biking, ideal for city cycling

We were able to create this T-shirt only in a close cooperation. We bring our sense for stylish leisure wear and merge it with the cycling experience of people from Isadore. Whether an adult or kid, most of the joy stemming from riding a bike comes from a sense of freedom – being able to travel wherever your imagination takes you. An opportunity to explore new things and the thrill of exploration feels the same no matter who you are.

That is why we were inspired by the adventures of the space ship Enterprise and the Star Trek crew. For us cycling is mostly about the exploration of new worlds and getting to know ourselves everyday.

Erik Lehrer,graphic designer, author of the design
"I was inspired by the way cycling is a team sport. Each team has a captain, officers, and then the rest of the crew. The cyclists have to cooperate in order to overcome the dangers on the road, and successfully reach the destination, just like on the Starship Enterprise. Cycling also honors some of the same values as Star Trek, most importantly to bring mankind towards a better tomorrow. In addition to that, I just really like the idea of a mini-peloton on the road – the captain in the red jersey at the head, and all the officers in yellow jerseys following. :)"

The back side of the T-shirt is prolonged, inspired by the fit of cycling apparel that enhances comfort and is practical to wear whether on a bike or not.

Made in Portugal out of 100% organic cotton.

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