The & of Slovakia Royal Blue


Author: Mates
Brand: Kompot

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Try to express the all-encompassing Slovak mentality in four words... We could not. It is impossible. We had to seek help, so thanks to the kind cooperation with, we opened a competition looking for a pertinent way to express the true Slovak mentality. And somehow it worked. Somebody voted. Somebody chose for us.

You are looking at one of the winning designs, created by Mates. And as you can see, it was no dumb luck but a straight bullseye, a slam dunk.

 The &

It has been 18 years since designers from the Amsterdam-based graphic studio Experimental Jetset created the “John&Paul&Ringo&George” tee for Japanese t-shirt label 2K/Gingham. Minimalist in its core, the archetypal band T-shirt took off and turned into a phenomenon; it has become legendary, it has reached the status of a cultural icon. This unexpected success and the response it got shocked even the authors themselves. The & concept inspired many tens and hundreds various homages, copies, parodies, more or less humorous mutations of the original.

Even we were mesmerized by this concept that is able to turn a set of four nouns into a fresh and unexpected message. We decided to take this challenge in our own way - properly and politely. We are not those types who believe that everything on the internet is for free. So, we approached the creators of the original concept and asked them for their blessing. They were kind enough to oblige and thus, we are proud to present our own “The &” T-shirt collection.

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