STOPY Winnetou III


Author: Peter Hajdin
Brand: Kompot

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Do you remember? Winnetou! Old Shatterhand! Tarzan! Mr Tragáčik! This book series must have left its mark on most of us. There probably is not a bookcase in this country that lacks books bound in the typical white cover with its signature colorful stripe. As the sun set, we would take off tracking our heroes’ footmarks, looking for new adventures, we would set off on a journey illuminated only by the light of a torch under the covers. We might have already learnt to read, but STOPY taught us to love it.

It is a great pleasure for us in Kompot. That is why we decided to salute the STOPY book series (STOPY – TRAIL, FOOTMARKS or a popular book series for young adults presenting a broad range of genres, 1964-1990) with an original T-shirt collection adorned with authentic motives. First, we present Karl May’s legendary trilogy. He never went to America, yet he managed to conquer the whole Europe. Just like Kompot!

So order this tee, while we are still on good terms. Howgh!

Edícia STOPY © Mladé letá
Cover by Alojz Riškovič.
Illustration Teodor Schnitzer.

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