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Authors: Peter Hajdin, Katarína Balogová
Brand: Kompot

Marked hiking trails have a long history in this part of the world going all the way back to the 19th century. The first hiking club and also the first marked trail were founded in Banská Štiavnica in 1874.

Hiking slowly started flourishing and new marked trails started to appear. After 1918, everything sped up as the Club of Czechoslovak hikers was founded and the trails were being interconnected and marked with standard trail markers that are still in use today.

Thanks to volunteers and their hard work, the network of marked trails in Czechoslovakia measured approximately 46 400 kilometers in lenght and is still one of the most developed trail networks in the world.

After the split of Czechoslovakia, the tradition of marked trails still lives on. Today, there are 38 500 km of marked trails in the Czech Republic and around 14 000 km in Slovakia. Today, trail markers are quite the icon and everybody knows them.

In Kompót, we really enjoy hiking and that is why we decided to pay our respect the way we usually do – trail markers will get their own T-shirt.

• our own tested fit
• thanks to Siro Slub cotton, the textile boasts singular structure and natural stretchiness
• durable print in four color combinations
• thought up in Slovakia, sewn in Portugal

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