Slovenská strela

Brand: Kompot

Slovenská Strela (Slovak Bullet) is an express train that has run between the Czech capital of Prague and the Slovak capital of Bratislava since 1936. A legend of the 1st Czechoslovak republic’s railway transportation. It is memorable not only because of its look, but also due to its original technical design and riding performance (the travelling time of 4 hours 18 minutes on this route was not beaten until the 21 century).

The case is a tribute to Vilém Rotter, a native from Brno and founder of the Rotter graphic studio in Prague, who designed the iconic Slovenská Strela poster in 1936. Soon afterwards the studio was eliminated by the Nazis and because of his Jewish origins, Vilém Rotter had to leave Prague. He was a member of the Czechoslovak Resistance, he kept creating engaged posters and became a member of the Czechoslovak Airforce in Great Britain. He died in London.

“Art to advertising is like salt to bread. Too much salt is also not a good thing.” - Vilém Rotter 1903 - 1978

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