Mám čas každý piatok (Girl)

Author: Peter Hajdin
Brand: Kompot

Mám čas každý piatok – I am free every Friday

KOMPOT prefers evolution to revolution. But still: we are happy and proud to have experienced and taken part in the Fridays’ protests in the squares. Together, we managed to get to a place that might not be ideal, but it definitely is a big leap forwards – it is proof that when decent citizens unite, their voice is powerful.

We would like to sincerely thank the protests’ organizers. We respect their decision to stop with the protests (for now). Mass protests in the streets are one of the most powerful tools of civil society. And it is important to treat any power(ful) tool with care: otherwise it can do more harm than good.

This T-shirt is a 2 in 1: it is a message to our politicians, a raised finger, our warning: "We are watching you! We see you! BEWARE!".

Also, it is a great T-shirt to wear when you want to go on a Friday night date.

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