Mier New Silver (Girl)

Author: Jozef Porubčin
Brand: Kompot

kompot balenie 01b20
The MIER - PEACE T-shirt is a homage to an extraordinary project by photographer Martin Kleibl in Petržalka. Once upon a time, this was the biggest estate housing in Slovakia. The projects were full of concrete blocks of flats. Big blocks of flats. Some of the constructions carried murals. All in all there were seven huge ones. They were monstrous, humongous as a whale. But everything has to come to an end and the same fate came upon the murals. When the last one was about to disappear too, Martin Kleibl came out of nowhere and in cooperation with the original author and creator Stano Marton managed to save the mural. The result is breathtakingly epic and this tee is our tribute. The tee is high quality and nice to touch with outstanding, bold graphics. Give peace a chance.

T-shirt is 100% cotton.

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