Shining Girl (short sleeve)

Author: Collective of authors
Brands: Kompot, Isadore Urban

Our first collaboration with Isadore Apparel, a brand with Slovakian roots like ours. We teamed with Isadore Apparel to create this t-shirt, combining our flair for solid streetwear and their cycling expertise.

• Extended rear cut, perfect for cycling
• Available in three colourways
• Made from 100% organic cotton
• Produced in Portugal

A cycling-friendly cut, optimal for urban use.

Remember that iconic scene in Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic The Shining, when the little boy rides his tricycle along the carpet? This colourway takes that nightmarish moment for inspiration, borrowing the pattern of the carpet – because when you ride your bike you forget about the horrors of daily life.

The t-shirt is lengthened at the back, reflecting the longer cuts of cycling jerseys and enhancing wearability, both on and off the bike. 

It’s made with 100% organic cotton and is produced in Portugal.

kompot balenie 02b493 


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