STOPY Tarzan of the Apes (Girl)


Author: Peter Hajdin
Brand: Kompot

kompot balenie 01b2
Gentlemen, let’s be honest here, how many of you would sometimes admire your bare chest in front of the mirror and swing across your house on a curtain until the pole broke, just to feel like Tarzan? And what about you, ladies? You would cut your hair off for the mere chance of spending a brief moment in an embrace with the king of the apes, and do not try to convince us otherwise. Dream big. You are on the right trail here at Kompot! Find Tarzan, a man brought up by the jungle, whom we have been loving for over 100 years, ever since he was born.

We are proud to present yet another piece to add to the STOPY collection (STOPY – TRAIL, FOOTMARKS or a popular book series for young adults presenting a broad range of genres, 1964-1990) that will draw you inside the magical world of fiction. You too can show off the strong man in leather undies on a tee. Do not hesitate, jump on the first hanging wine and get your butt to Kompot, soon there will be no Tarzan left. Oooooo-o-ououou-ooooo-o!

Edícia STOPY © Mladé letá
Cover by Alojz Riškovič
Illustration by Vladimír Machaj


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