Tielko Slim Fit - Zomri White (Girl)

Autor: Zomri
Značka: Zomri

kompot balenie 01b ENG WITH29

This tank is expensive. It is fucking expensive, but there was no other way - there are only 60 of them. Also, you will keep wearing it your whole life and when we see you in it, we will know that you are top notch.

Soo, if you do not join your colleagues on their ventures for over the top expensive pho lunches at your local organic Vietnamese bistro and instead just wolf down a cheese or two at McDonald’s, just know that it is worth it.

FYI: to be honest, admins don’t get paid for this shit. But they don’t mind, they are paid by Soros.

Páči sa Vám tento produkt? Odporučte ho svojim priateľom a známym. Nepáči sa Vám tento produkt? Odporučte ho svojim nepriateľom a neznámym.