Frequently asked questions

How to Choose the Correct Size?

S,M,L, 3-6, 39-45... does it make your head spin?

The size guide available on most product pages will help shed a light on it.

You only have to:

• Get your mom’s tailor’s tape and start measuring – chest, length and sleeve (your T-shirts at home).
• Open the size guide and pick the right letter: S,M,L,XL etc., you know.

Size guide how-to:

A – chest width
B – T-shirt length, from collar to bottom hem
C – sleeve length

Additional useful pointers
Does your child like one of our T-shirts, but it is available only in adult sizes?
Try to check out women’s size S or XS. We have lost track of all the 8-12 year old Kompot fans outfitted in these.

How to Take Care of Fabric and Screen Print?

Most of our T-shirts are 100% cotton.
Designs on the T-shirts are screen printed. Screen printing is a special technique of coating fabric with paints, it definitely is not an iron on patch :) A screen print could possibly last longer than the T-shirt itself.
T-shirts have been prewashed. Pictures or text would not look great, if the T-shirt shrunk in the washing machine.

How to use and take care of a T-shirt:

 get dirty
 turn inside out
 wash at 30°C
• repeat

Additional useful pointers
We are sure it is unnecessary to tell you not to throw your T-shirt into a fire or partake in other actions dangerous for fabric.

I Want this T-shirt – Do You Have It?

Kompot’s golden rule
If it is not in the e-shop, it is not in the brick and mortar shop, and vice versa. If it is in the e-shop, it is in the brick and mortar shop, and vice versa. If it is not in the e-shop, etc.

Concise explanation of the rule
We have only one storage room. If you cannot order an item (put it in shopping cart), you cannot buy it in the brick and mortar shop either.

Exception to the rule No. 1: There are products we have not taken pictures of, or there simply is another reason why we do not offer them in the e-shop. That is why it is always worth your while to come see us at Laurinská 19, just to feast your eyes or do some shopping in real life.
Exception to the rule No.2: There are products for which there simply was no more room in the store, or there is another reason for hiding them in the warehouse. That is why it is worth your while to check out our e-shop every now and then, and shop online.

Additional useful pointers

•  Is it possible to order or reserve a product that is currently out of stock? No. We would lose our minds if we had to remember it all.
•  Is it possible to order a bespoke T-shirt? No. Actually, it is, if you are interested to get at least 100 or more.
•  T-shirt is currently not available. Will it ever be again? Some will and some will not. We decide the faith of Kompot T-shirts. The faith of T-shirts made by friendly brands (consignment) is decided directly by their supplier/author. (If you are deeply invested in the availability of a certain design, shoot us an e-mail)

Packaging (Preserving)

It is not a secret that authors of T-shirts let their creativity free even when designing the packaging. Thus it is utterly possible to buy a T-shirt in Kompot, and get it packed in a pizza box, paper cookie bag or wrapped in recycled paper with an original stamp.
We try to respect everybody’s wishes, the author’s and yours. That is why we will gladly pack T-shirts of any brand in a mason jar, when specifically asked to. If you like it so much.

To be completely clear, packaging works this way:

• Glass mason jar – Kompot T-shirts (eg Czechoslovakia, Highway, People are fucking out of it...),
• Paper cookie bag – Koláčová T-shirts (similarity is purely uncoincidental),
• Paper bag with an original stamp – Kamo T-shirts (Panelove, collection Conifer), and
• Pizza box – Cocopinda T-shirts.

Additional useful information
When packaging T-shirts to be sent by post or courier services, we obey the laws of physics and apply the rule of thumb. If something does not fit a standard box, we will rather forego the original packaging and send you the T-shirt in a plastic bag. Then we hope that you are buying it for the T-shirt. That also means that:

• We do not package T-shirts to be dispatched abroad in mason jars. The scales at the post office are merciless and you could age a year after getting a needlessly overcharged package.
• We send Cocopinda T-shirts by post or courier services without the pizza box.

Delivery, Postage and Delivery Periods

We could write a whole book on this topic, but to make it simple:

In-store pickup
An order you have not paid for in advance will wait for you free of delivery charge for 5 days on Laurinská 19 in Bratislava. An order paid for in advance will wait for 10 days, after that we get bored with waiting and contact you.

Delivery by post (Slovak Republic)
When ordering to Slovakia, the “cash on delivery” method is EUR 5. If your order is over EUR 60, delivery is free of charge. We usually dispatch goods within Slovakia within 5 days.

Courier (Slovak and Czech Republic)
Within Slovak and Czech Republic EUR 5, delivery within 2 days since pick up by courier. If your order is over EUR 60, delivery is free of charge.
Couriers do not work over the weekend.

Abroad (except of the Czech Republic)
We will send the package anywhere in the world. Postage charge is EUR 9.90.

Exchange, Returns and Warranty Claims

It is possible to do any of those, even though it saddens us. We know that you feel the same way. In order to make the whole process smooth and as fast as possible, please read the detailed step by step in the Terms and Conditions